Monday, April 2, 2012


We've learned the hard way about horns on goats. When they have horns they butt. And without horns they tend to be calmer. And we know that goats with, um.. you know, goats that can, um, make babies, tend to stink. And make babies. Then we entered Goat 4-H and have been learning more. So we had quite a day last Saturday.

First, baby Felix got that green band put on his little, um, ya know, testes. Poor guy. Then he got wrapped up in a towel and Daniel shaved off the hair over his... horn buds! Not his... never mind. And then we put Vaseline around those buds and then we put the yucky stuff on his horn buds. Daniel had to hold him while it worked its disbudding magic. Felix cried and Mama Cass bellowed from far away. When he was done, it was Iris' turn. We only had to take care of buds on her. But she still cried and was so sad.
I tried to get pictures of their little burned buds, but this is all I got. "Leave us alone lady!!"They're all better now. We have to watch them to make sure the disbudding paste did the job. I hope so. I don't like the baby goat cries!

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