Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Updates.

Update on the Popcorn Rock...  Actually, I think it looks more like cauliflower than popcorn. What do you think?  The vinegar is almost gone.  So the kitchen doesn't smell as bad as it once did.  Yay.
Update on food storage...  I got honey powder to add to long term food storage.  I made some up and put it in the honey bear.  It's darker than non powdered honey, but tastes great and will last for a long time and goes much further than the little honey bear!  Plus, for storage sake, it won't crystalize.  I like that.  A lot.  I will be investing in powdered honey.
Update on cooking...  I have been using plain Greek yogurt in my cooking for a bit now.  It replaces sour cream.  I have also replaced cream cheese in my crock pot chicken recipe.  It's zippy and tangy and very healthy.  I tried adding some fruit and honey to it to eat, but I think I'll stick with flavored yogurt for that. 
Update on sick Vegeta...  Not sick anymore.  This is the penicillin bottle.  He had one shot a day for 5 days. By yesterday, day 5, he was so not getting stuck with that needle again.  Poor Vegeta.  Daniel would get the needle into his neck (where goats should receive their intramuscular injections) and then Vegeta would swing his head away, taking the needle out of his neck before the meds were injected.  So by the time he finally got the meds, he was bleeding and sad and wouldn't come out of his hiding place in the tall grass for quite a while.  That'll teach him to get sick again!

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Kristi said...

The rocks are cool. Can I re-post the part about honey powder on the stake blog, or would you?