Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Crafty Day.

It's spring break. We've got lots o' things planned. Today's activities were crafty. And had purpose. First we broke out the oven bake clay. We each fashioned an oil lamp for the Parable of the Ten Virgins lesson tomorrow. They turned out pretty good, eh!
Oh, we did go to Maverick first. Must do things in order. But the kids had fun crafting their own lamps.
They even had clay left over to make other crafty little things.
Some of them are just plain weird! The lamp on your left is the original oil lamp from Jerusalem. The lamp on your right is Sam's.
Here they are...baked and oiled and wicked and lit.
Sam and his lamp.
Ruth and her lamp.
Isaac and his lamp.
Then we got a box of eggs out and blew them. You know, take a raw egg, put little holes on the top and bottom and then blow with all your might until the snot like substance comes flying out. We broke a few eggs, but ended up with 9 greatly blown eggs. Then we painted them. Then one more egg broke.
We put a few of the brightly colored and keepable and unstinkable eggs into a cute basket with some jelly beans to give to grandma and grandpa tomorrow. Grandma is still in a care center while her back and neck continue to heal from the car accident.
There is one more craft we're working on but didn't get to today. We will be cutting out some eggs from construction paper and decorating them and then taking them to our local elderly care center for Easter. I'll show you how that one goes when we get to it.

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Laurie said...

Very cool crafts for spring break! I love your week of Easter lessons!