Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day In The Life.

Monday...A subtle reminder in a picture captured by one of my offspring...I gained 4 pounds and Daniel gained 5 pounds on the cruise. Oh yeah, and my keister is really square.
I was also rear ended with Sam and Ruthie in the car. Looks like we'll go through the insurance. Wish us luck!
Tuesday...Wolf den meeting. I love being in Cub Scouts! I made dinner for my friend Holly. She's gonna have a baby and is on bed rest. Some days I'd like to be on bed rest. But then I remember what it was really like and would rather be up. These two love to lie on the couch with Sam on the top of dad!
Wednesday...Movie day with Kim and Jessica. When we came out, Kim said she had a surprise for us. It was a candy bar card. It said "U-No people should learn to Look more and Take 5 so they don't Crunch our friends. It's nothing to Snickers about. We are Grapeful you weren't Crushed." Get it? U-no, Look, Take 5, Crunch, Snickers, Grape Crush. So clever!!
Took Isaac to the orthodontist and we will begin phase 2 in December. A mouth full of metal!
Thursday...Visiting Teaching. Sam got his Bobcat at Pack meeting. Ruthie and I went to my sister's wedding reception. It was hot. Emilie and Erik got married 2 months ago and now have 7 kids between them! Wow!
This is my new drink of choice. Ice water with lemon. Don't get me wrong! I still love a little Diet Pepper. But a touch of lemon in ice water makes me happy!
Friday...Ruthie lost both top teeth in a matter of days. She talks funny!
Daniel's windshield got hit hard by a rock that flew off a guy's trailer. We now need to replace his windshield. Not a good week for cars at our house!
Daniel and I had date night and went to the temple. Aaahhhh.
Saturday...Our city's "Days". Daniel took the kids during the day for the car show and to play a little. That night we all went to the rodeo and watched some neighborhood kids do really well and win! We stayed late for fireworks. It was awesome!
Sunday...We had a really good Sacrament meeting today. The first talk was about preparedness and the Sister talked about a family who's house lost power and the dad broke an arm and other such things during a severe storm. So they put out a blanket, got M&Ms from food storage, made sandwiches and got books and games from their 72 hour kits and had a picnic in the living room. My kids thought that was cool. So we got some M&Ms out and made lunch and had a picnic. The second talk was a High Council man who talked about driving cattle recently and how some of the cows went straight ahead because they knew where they were going. Some cows would see a little patch of grass and veer off to eat it. Not realizing they were being separated from the group. We sometimes veer off for a little patch of grass and forget the bigger picture...we want to return to Heavenly Father and be with our families.
I got to substitute in Primary again! I love it! We had a great week and expect another one is coming!


Laurie M. said...

Fun and busy week! I love the card with the candy- so cute! I love Ruthie's new look. Jared is still waiting (not so)patiently for more teeth to fall out.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Sounds like fun! Just catching up to all of your activities. Love Ruthie's teeth....she looks so grown up!

Jen said...

I have squarebum-itis, also! Except mine is much larger than yours.

I love Ruthie's new smile!

You'll have to update me on the van is there going to be a new vehicle parked in your driveway soon? Thank heavens no one was hurt!

Can't wait to see what fun things your family does next week!

Kim said...

Those sound like really great talks!
Ruthie's smile is awesome.
I'm sorry for the cars at your house.
The candy card is so fun!!! I do that for Shane every once in awhile. I wish I was the Kim that you do all that fun stuff with.