Friday, June 4, 2010

Emergency Preparedness.

I cleaned out my van today. Someone else will be driving it soon and I don't want to be too embarrassed. Whatever! Let me tell you...I found enough food in there on the floor to survive for days. Then I cleaned out my purse. We could survive for weeks! These are just a few things I found...

*Mike N Ikes-loose, dirty, I would have eaten them if it weren't for the fuzz
*Popcorn-Squished but still buttery
*Gum-sometimes chewed, sometimes not...a choice
*Granola bars-still in wrappers but more like granola than bars
*Tic Tacs-a staple at church. And when stranded in a car
*A Twinkie-not squished, not unwrapped, bonus
*Chicken nuggets-from Wendy's. A meal in itself
*French fries-wow! what a meal
*Cinnamon bears-a little crunchy, weird
*Various and sundry crumbs-a shmorgishborg of flavors
*Fruit snacks-a must in every purse
*Suckers-most likely from the dentist
*Straw wrappers-to wrap around my finger to remind me to clean stuff out more often!
*Mints-from Cafe Rio. Why didn't I eat those?

So there you go. I won't even try to guess what some of the stuff was. I hope the guy who cleans out the vacuum container at the car wash enjoys the plenitude!


Single Women Adopting Children said...

so funny! Today I transitioned Mila's car seat from backward to foreward facing. I could not believe the amount of cheerios in her seat, on the car set, in the seat belt holder, etc. There would be more stuff if I gave her anything else to eat in her snack cup while driving:)

Laurie M. said...

so, how long do the cinnamon bears have to be in the car before they get crunchy?

Crissy said...

Yum, Girl! I need to clean mine out too, I don't even want to know what's under the seats!

Kim said...

At first I thought all of that was from your purse and I was thinking "Nuggets?!?" and then I realized that most of it was in the van. HAH!!

Jen said...

Yum, cruncy cinnamon bears! I'm always amazed at what items I find when I clean my car. Some of those items are just too scary to mention. It always feels good to be driving a clean car again, even though the treats to my children only work for about 2 days.