Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh Drat.

We interupt The Cruise for the following announcement!
What could possibly happen to make a normally beautiful gal look like this:
A. No make up
B. Undid hair
C. Car accident
D. All of the above
If you picked D. All of the above, you would be correct. I was rear ended with 2 of my kids in the car. An F-150 with a huge full trailer on the back did that. I may just get my Suburban sooner than we had planned!
Just so you know, my worst fear ever!! is that my kids would be in the car and I would be hit on the side. Luckily he hit the back and wasn't accelerating. We are grateful we weren't hurt!
Oh yeah. And that broken window at the church? My son did that!
Were you to ask what happened to the window we would answer heartily, "It was broken by the power of the word of God!" And thunder would roll.
He hit the window with his scriptures.


Kim said...

OH MY HECK!!!! I'm so glad you are all right! You all might be a little sore tomorrow! I will bring by the emergency D.P.! Glad it wasn't worse than it was but, OUCH!!!!!!

Crissy said...

Holy Smokes, Girl!! Glad you are all ok! How scary!

Hollyween said...

Yikes! Someone needs to bring YOU dinner tomorrow; not the other way around. Perhaps we should reschedule? Talk about stress! I'm so sorry, Jennie.

You'll have to tell me more about the window tomorrow. I'm sorry, but that's hilarious!!

Jennifer B. said...

Glad no one was hurt! Good luck on car shopping.

Laurie M. said...

Scary! I 'm glad it was a low impact hit and no one was hurt. That is my biggest fear too- a car accident with kids in the car. And your son broke a window with his scriptures?! How does that happen?!

TMC said...

Glad you are okay. Don't jinx yourself with the new car thoughts. I think I did that, but they fixed our car instead (even though now I think they wished they totalled it since they are into it at least $12 now). Scary stuff! Hope you get your suburban though; silver lining right?

Katie said...

LOL! You poor thing! At least it wasn't your fault and no one was hurt. And I'm rooting for you to get a Suburban!

Kim said...

NOOOO!!! That's so scary! I'm glad that everyone is okay. (BTW- it's 11:30 and I'm still not dressed and have no makeup's summer time.) I hope you get your new car! At least something good would come out of it!