Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ketchikan and the Chocolate Thing.

And here we are on Friday. A beautiful place called Ketchikan. It was another gorgeous yet quaint place in Alaska.
See those clouds rolling in? A storm was a brewin'. We had glorious weather thus far. I guess it was time for some real Alaska spring weather.
He complained that his eyes were closed. I assured him he looked debonair. What do you think?
We went to the Lumberjack show. So much fun. At this point, I kept thinking of what would be fun for the kids to see. What?! We have kids? Oh yeah. Isaac, Sam, Ruthie. That's them. They would have totally dug this!
2 sets of lumberjacks "competed" doing lumberjack stuff. Did you know that lumber jacking is a sport? Well now you do. Some of these guys do it professionally. They were fun to watch!
I was actually cold here and had Daniel get me hot chocolate. The one and only time I was actually cold in Alaska.
As the show ended, it started to drizzle. We headed back to get some shopping done. I found this cute fella and stopped to say hi.
Hi fella.
We got some loot and I called the kids. I talked to 2/3 of them. The other 1/3 was busy riding a scooter. As we got back on the ship it started raining more. Apparently that's normal for Ketchikan.
We got back on the ship and changed and went to dinner and a show.
hi Mary Alice. Where ya goin' Richard?
Here's what was going on outside. Daniel and Richard went out to take pictures then noticed the sign on the door that said not to go out. High winds and large waves. So Mary Alice and I told them to get back inside.
The waves were 20-30 feet. I know I claimed 40 feet. But, shoot, you would have believed they were 60 foot waves had you lived through it!
We rocked and rolled all night! All night!
It was horrible.
In fact, that's what I've been feeling these last couple of days.
We saw the Jean Ann Ryan company perform again. They have these amazing acrobats that hang from fabric and hoops and stuff and do amazing things. We couldn't take pictures. Darn.
This is all the Jean Ann Ryan company in back, the acrobats in red at the top. The man to your right and down from them is Tony. Holy. Amazing. Voice. Totally! He sang the night before in one of the lounges and Daniel and I danced to Unchained Melody. Oh.
All those other people on stage are crew members. We cheered them on for all their service and stuff.
Later that night was the Chocolate thing. That's what Daniel called it. We went.
They had tons of chocolate stuff on display.
We couldn't touch it. But not to worry.
There was plenty we could touch.
And eat.
There was even an ice sculpture.
But the ship was rockin' and rollin' so drastically that we cut it short and went back to our room.
This is the only night I didn't sleep.
And I started to miss my kids!
See those waves?!
All. Night. Long.
And I'd still go back and do it again.
But that's not the end.
This is only Friday.
One more day to cruise!

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Laurie M. said...

Yikes! Did all those waves make you sick? I love all the chocolate stuff- yum!