Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skagway and the Glacier.

It has officially taken me about an hour to get this stuff loaded. Slow!

Wednesday found us docking in Skagway. What should have been a cold and rainy day was sunny and warm. Absolutely gorgeous! The locals everywhere we went said this was the most beautiful and warmest day of the year. We realized we had lucked out at 2 ports so far.

At lunch we took the camera and binoculars and scouted out the town. We parked right there. In town.
These other ships weren't right in town. But they were nice to look at.
All the local boats. Everything was green and beautiful!
See the little head? That's a sea lion that just kept coming up while we ate lunch. In the same spot. Our own personal entertainment. We soon had to go to shore. Bye new sea lion friend!
We found out when we met up with family that Jennifer and Brian's youngest daughter was at Primary Children's hospital with a broken femur. Gratefully, there were lots of neighbors and friends and nieces who stepped up and helped take care of her.
We all got on the White Pass train to go up the mountain. It was gorgeous!!
We ended up on two different cars. But it was still fun. We just met on the back of one car and the front of the other. Hi guys!
Hi us.
The trip was more beautiful than words can describe. You really don't see and smell and feel the beauty in the pictures. It just was amazing.
I kept telling Daniel how pretty it was. How clean and good it smelled.
I was ready to buy property in Alaska!
Hi Stephen.
That's a bridge we would eventually come to. We got a really long ride and actually went into Canada. We had to keep going up so the other trains behind us could get up and turn around. It was worth it!
Words just can't describe.
Inside one of the cars. It was hot in there. So we spent most of our time outside on the little thingy. It was spectacular.
Just spectacular!
In town we found a little fudge and ice cream shop called Kone Kompany. If you are ever in Skagway, go there! Did you hear me? GO THERE! Yum. We walked away with a huge ice cream cone each and 2 pounds of fudge. I still have a little bit in the fridge. But I'm hiding it from everyone. My kids would eat it all and they don't understand the complexity of the necessity of chocolate. Especially my complexity.
So Wednesday was gorgeous. We got back on the ship and ate. And ate.
Then Thursday brought a sight to see...
Glacier Bay. We sailed up around 5 am and were there until after lunch time. It was breathtaking!! Not me. I didn't shower before we went out. I did brush my teeth!
The ship stopped and we just gazed at the glacier. It was incredible!
And again, words cannot describe. And the pictures don't do it any justice at all!
We could hear it creaking and popping. Then we'd see ice fall off and into the water.
We stayed outside for quite a while just looking. Then the ship turned around and we watched the glacier as we left. Then we went and took showers. Then we ate.
Then we ate some more.
And saw great entertainment.
I wish we'd taken more pictures of the entertainment. Other family members did.
By the end of the cruise, Daniel had the camera around his neck everywhere we went. He looked like a true tourist!
And a very handsome true tourist at that!

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So beautiful! Love all the pictures.