Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday Exploration and Napping.

I'm sitting at my counter eating cold cereal. It's just so simple, cold cereal. It's just cereal and milk in a bowl with a spoon. It doesn't sit in my gut for hours. Ah. Cold cereal. I missed you last week.

I completely forgot to go over the rest of Thursday after Glacier Bay. Duh!
I went to take a nap. I took a shower after that!
Daniel stayed on deck and ate and ate and took pictures.
I think he ate, too.
I think that's a whale. But it's too far away. As we sailed out of the Bay, there were whales all over.
There were little tourist boats, too.
We cruised NCL. Norwegian. They do freestyle cruising. Nice, but, my first cruise wasn't freestyle and I remember lots of good points about non freestyle.
If you cruise, do what feels right.
A little pick up in the water. In the Bay, the water was like glass. Smooth and glassy.
You could tell we were out by the water.
Hey look! It's a whale!
Hi whale!
Isn't it just gorgeous?!
I missed it all while I slept. We were in an inside cabin...cheaper...more moolah for excursions!
So when you turned off the lights it was pitch black.
We slept soundly at night and into the morning because there was no light.
My nap went on for almost 2 hours because there was no light!
The very back of the ship.
The front of the ship.
Daniel and I sat here on our way into Victoria on Saturday, but I don't think we have any pictures. So pretend you see a big city and Canadian warships out there and you'll see Victoria how we saw it.
But this is still Thursday.
I thought I'd lost Daniel because I got a knock on the door with dinner instructions from Clark and no one had seen Daniel for quite a while.
Well, he was exploring.
Here's the cockpit. Um, I don't know what you call this. But if Daniel reads this and comments, he will tell you what it's called. It's where they drive the ship.
There were signs everywhere that said "Don't tap on the glass".
I think he's lighting the engine.
C'mon, let's go!
Mmmm. Cold cereal. I love you.
Dinner on Thursday was in Le Bistro. It is a pay for restaurant and we had a $40 dinner credit per couple. So this was it.
We waited for everyone and then took a group picture.
The group picture.
Nice looking group.
Can you tell Daniel's siblings? Remember, look at teeth and chins.
4 sisters and 3 brothers (including Daniel) 1 sister isn't here. Dinner was amazing. I know I haven't talked about food at all so far. But this I must discuss.
For appetizer I had mushroom soup. Oh. My. Yummy.
They came first with a bowl with mushrooms and some sauce. He said he'd be right back with the soup. We were confused!
Then the soup came. He poured it on the mushrooms. I ate some. I licked my bowl. Well, not really. It was a classy place. So I scraped the bowl with my spoon until I felt I'd gotten my fill.
I had Coc Au Vin for dinner. Good, but dry.
Then we all got to sing to Mary Alice. It was her birthday! Yay!
Then dessert came. Oh. My. Yummy!
Daniel and I got chocolate fondue for two. Lalalalalalala!
I also got Creme Brulee. Awesome. I don't remember what else happened that night.
Except the $3 million painting of a naked lady in the restaurant.
Here is a teaser for the next post....
40 foot waves!

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Hollyween said...

I LOVE all the pictures of your trip on the last few posts. I'm totally jealous. Going on an Alaskan cruise is John's dream. Were you cold much?

Such breathtaking scenery! And I hear you on the food. It's delish, but it's nice to actually feel 'hungry' again when you get home. I remember that from our cruise we took on our honeymoon. The cruise where I gained 8 pounds in a week. Yup.