Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sunday morning we got up, got breakfast, got our stuff together and left the ship. Jama, the Kenyan driver of the green suburban came and picked all the airport people up again. Richard and Mary Alice, Mom and Dad and Daniel and I sat in the airport for several hours before the first flight left. Mom and dad had to wait another couple of hours before their plane left.

On the plane, I got this shot of Mount Rainier as we flew by.
Isn't it gorgeous?!
We flew to Spokane and had to high tail it out to another airline to catch the next flight to SL.
Daniel and I didn't have seat assignments and they were already seating. We were called to the counter where they gave us seat assignments.
In first class.
In different rows.
I hit my head on the overhead compartment as I tried to seat myself next to the window because the guy on the aisle wouldn't get up so I could get in. People all around said, "Ouch." and Daniel yelled from where he was if I was okay.
Well, yes, I'm okay. I've given birth to 2 large babies. A bump on the head is nothin'. But thanks for calling so much attention to it.
As a consolation to myself I got a Diet something before we even took off. I think I really like first class. And then the gal brought more to drink and a basket full of nummies.
I snagged 2 little water bottles because they were just sitting there. When will I ever be in first class again??
We landed and called my parents to bring the kids to us.
I collect magnets wherever we go on vacation.
Remember Kone Kompany for ice cream and fudge in Skagway! I only have a couple bites left.
In Juneau we went to a Russian store and got this book and the dolls. The dolls are my kids' favorite thing we brought back. They will sit and unstack and stack over and over. I love this book and the message it gives of the biggest sister watching over her little sisters.
We got the Sharkbait DVD and made the kids watch it. It's way better in person. If you ever have a chance to see them perform...Do It.
And this is my most favorite. The angel wings with the nativity inside.
I love nativities.
And I love Alaska. Daniel and I want to go again. Next one will be with the kids, too.
Or not.
I highly recommend a cruise for everyone!
I've had fun returning to my cruise with you in tow. I hope you enjoyed it too.
If anything else comes to mind, or if we get other pictures from family, I'll be sure to share.


Katie said...

Oh, Metroyshkas! I love them! And that book, I'm going to have to look for my own copy. Our kids love them too, but they are not allowed to touch them at our house. Display only!

Crissy said...

How fun!! We are looking to book another soon. Maybe fly into Florida and sea the caribbean. I am in love cruises! They are so much fun. I hope you get to take your kids with you next time. I bet they would love it.

Andrea said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a nice time!

Kim said...

That shot of Mt Ranier (sp?) is gorgeous! It looks all mystical. Jacob has some of those dolls that my sister picked up for him in Germany. When he saw your picture he asked, "Who has those dolls? What is her name?" He was very interested in you after that pic!! haha He calls them his "Mollys" - don't know why.

Laurie M. said...

I love the nativity, it's beautiful- and the shot of Mt R.! Looks like you had an amazing trip!