Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh What A Sunday!

Well, it's Tuesday. Now that I have a clock in front me and 2 calendars to refer to, I should be able to keep up on life. Um. If someone would please STOP ROCKING THE SHIP! I could probably get things done. The laundry is done finally. We had mac and cheese for dinner last night. It's tough having to make my own meals again. But I'm getting used to normal life again. Just in time to blog about it and realize I may have forgotten some specifics. But I'll do my best according to the pictures. This will be an ongoing quest to get all this done! Stay with me. I hope you won't be disappointed!

We took a plane to Seattle. Daniel's brother Richard and his wife Mary Alice went with us and grandma and grandpa, who will heretofore be referred to as mom and dad, flew in the day before. Every one else drove. One group Saturday day and a second group Saturday night.
We checked one suitcase and were pretty proud of the fact that we would only check one. Well...that one suitcase weighed 80 pounds. You read me right. 80 pounds. 30 pounds over the limit. Hey! I needed shoes and clothes and stuff. We paid $50 for that dumb decision.
Isn't it pretty? The best part of flying is when they bring you a little cup of diet something. It's gone in 2 gulps and then it's time to throw the cup away because we are starting the descent. Into rainy Seattle. It was a forecast for the weather for the whole cruise. Rainy and cloudy at each port on the days we would be there. But landing was by far the best part!
We got mom and dad from their hotel and had a guy names Jama from Kenya drive us to the pier. Oh, beauty. We got on the ship finally and because the rooms weren't ready yet, stayed in the Crystal Atrium and entered a raffle. Then we went to eat. Oh. Can I just tell you how many french fries we ate? I can? Well, I can't. Too many fries to count! We went back to see if we won anything in the raffle. Daniel won a spot in the Blackjack Tournament. And a T shirt. Too small for Daniel, too big for Isaac. But it was cool!
We finally got to our stateroom. This is it before we asked our new friend Jenny to put the beds together. We're married, we can do that!
The ship wasn't even moving yet. What's up Daniel?
We left the pier early. Poor cruise ships still in dock. We would meet again at various places on the cruise. See the cloudy skies? Yep. Those were what we planned to see every day!
There's the Space Needle. Neat, huh?!
We went up on a top deck to see stuff. We met up with mom and dad and some other family members. Right after this picture it started to rain. Not just drizzly rain. Downright rain!
Mark took our picture. The Space Needle is back there somewhere.
It should be better seen in this picture. But the SN isn't what we were there for!
See the pool there on the lower deck? Uh uh. Way too cold to even think about it. But we did take our swim suits.
For dinner we met up with family and went to the Indigo. The wild mushroom quesadillas were to die for. I think I had about 5 of them. Over the course of the cruise. Yummalicious! Dad is currently planning to make some. I hope he does it when I'm there!
More to come soon. The house is rocking violently right now. I need a shower and then a quick visit to my friends at Maverick.
Then a Wolf Den meeting.
I sure hope the house stops rocking.


Kim said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story--I am sooooooo jealous! Glad you had fun and see ya tomorrow!

Crissy said...

Can't wait to see more pictures too! Sounds like so much fun! I think it took me a week or too before things stopped rocking, LOL!! See you later!

Laurie M. said...

Wow, looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see Alaska!

Jen said...

So glad your vacation was a success! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Kim said...

I'm sorry about the crummy weather! How great to get to go with family though. I hope the house has stopped rocking!! :)

Emilie said...

Looks SO fabulous!!! Wish we could all smell and feel how wonderful it was. If you move there, we're gonna have to play that Northern Exposure theme song. I can't think of it right now, so please don't move.