Monday, June 21, 2010

A Real Workin' Whale and Victoria.

Saturday morning bloomed bright and calm. Daniel and I slept in (because I didn't sleep well) and missed the captain's thingy in the theater about the ship. darn! But 9:30 am was pushing it for us! So we had breakfast, showered, dressed and then went to have lunch. Yep. Just like that. Eat. But we met up with many family members and took over a couple of tables and reeked havoc in the kitchen.
While the rest of the family went to play cards, Daniel and I went to the Garden Cafe to eat (yes, eat again) and enjoy the beauty! It was gorgeous outside. The sea was calm and the sun was shining and it was spectacular!
As we sat eating fries there was a shout of awe! People started running to the side of the ship to see and we could hear more cries of oohs and aahs and clapping! Luckily Daniel was prepared.
We were passing a funny whale!
It was like he was just waiting for us to sail up next to him. Cause the dude just started flipping and spinning and jumping!
It went on for as long as we could see him! It was incredible.
Then we headed in to meet the fam again for the last show of the cruise.
This is the stage and the curtain. Cool. I know.
The last show consisted of the singing group Oh What A Night and then Sharkbait.
This is Oh What A Night. They sang Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons songs. Oh! It's what I grew up on! I enjoyed every song and danced in my seat!
Wait! I think it was after this that everyone went to the card room.
We voted to enjoy the outside beauty again instead. I don't remember what happened to send us out earlier. Except the wonderful weather!
We went to the top and front of the ship to watch as we came into Victoria. Our last port before going back to Seattle.
I had the camera while Daniel went and got our sweatshirts and ice cream. Coconut ice cream. Dreamy.
But we didn't take any pictures. Duh!
So just picture a city on the shore, Canadian war ships to the left and a little smog in the sky. Oh yes, we weren't in Alaska anymore!
We stayed up there until the ship was docked and people started getting off. We decided to pass on the Gardens (I know, I know) and stay aboard.
This is one of the little boats that brought us into port.
While everyone else got off to go sight see, we got mom and dad and got some dinner.
Then we went to our room to pack. Hard to believe it was almost over.
The last morning and coming home next!
And the whole It's A Real Working Whale thing is familial. Many years ago on a trip back east, we went to Kansas City for a family reunion on my dad's side. He had called his aunt to get specific directions to the house as we got closer. He got off the phone and said that she told him where the house is and that there is a real workin' whale in front. Yep, a real workin' whale. So we looked for a,well, a whale! Much to our surprise it was a real workin' well she was referring to. My kids now say A Real Workin' Whale now all the time. Hilarious!
You may have just had to be there.


Katie said...

Can't wait until you take a trip to Nebraska so you can say "there goes Nebraska Brandon!"

Kim said...

I totally laughed about the real working whale thing because I still can't say some words the way other people say them because of my Southern upbringing.

How funny that the real whale did so many tricks for the sightseers! YUM - Food! That curtain was pretty awesome looking :)