Monday, November 8, 2010

More Goats Please.

This morning our family grew by 2. We added 2 pygmy goats to our growing goad herd.
Daniel's uncle Louis has a cattle ranch in Idaho (way to go Idaho) and so Daniel called and asked if we could have a goat for a bit to help our friend Cass. She's lonely.
So Louis brought 2!
And come next February, they'll double!
Yep. Baby goats.
He checked Cass to see if she will be a momma, but he didn't think so.
She's just gettin' chubby, and 2 kids will be enough anyway.
He said he'll bring a horse next time.
Louis is a funny guy!
For some reason he thinks I'll be out milking those momma goats.
Yup. He's super funny. I'm city girl Jennie, remember?!
Once we have another fence up, we may ask for a calf.
But we'll see.
And that chain is still attached to Cass. She jumped 4 feet and got through the neighbor's fence Saturday, so we really don't trust her yet. But she's sticking close to her new friends right now. We might just be okay.
When the kids (ha ha) get home from school, I'll have them name the momma goats.
Here's Ruthie on Saturday jump roping with her new rope.
Sam got to help dad weedwack the stuff in the front yard.
He said he got to help grandpa with the chainsaw Saturday morning, but when further pushed, I was told he was fibbing. But he really wanted to use the chainsaw!
I did my new hairdo curly today. I'd show you, but I didn't take a picture.
My curls finally look good again!


Jen said...

I'm going to start calling you "Farmer Jennie"!

Laurie said...

Haha,your yard is starting to look like a farm! My kids would love to have goats in the backyard. We go to the farm at thanksgiving point just to feed those goats!

Kim said...

Yeah for curls and new kids!! (hehe) I can't wait to hear what their names are. And I'm glad Cass won't be lonely anymore. Maybe she won't be looking for greener grass now that she has friends to hang out with.