Tuesday, November 2, 2010


And it's Tuesday
where does Tuesday take me?
morning prayer and scripture study
to supply more cans for cubs tomorrow, Ruthie has
chicken noodle soup for breakfast
the boys don't
kids off to school
quick shower
off to work in Sam's class
then to Ruthie's class
serge quilt squares
blog about said quilt squares
dinner in crockpot
providing more cans
count cans and realize I may just have enough
leave bed making for another time
perhaps another day
eat chips and cheesy sauce
make invites for Ruthie's birthday party
think about the drastic hair cut I'll get Thursday night
hmmm...what should I do?
get kids from school soon
hope for no homework
pass out party invites
kids to bed
TNT night
love TNT night
Tuesdays are always good at my house...

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