Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Baby Is 7.

Can you believe it?? I sure can't. But she is 7. One more year and we'll be getting ready for a baptism. My last baptism.

As for the festivities, each kid gets to choose where we go to eat on their birthdays. Ruthie chose Burrito Grande. An excellent choice. We ate lots and laughed lots. Then they brought out the huge sombrero. Sombrero Grande. And the servers all sang to her. Then there was silence when they got to the name part. So I sang, out loud, Ruuuuuthie. I would show you the fantastic pictures of the girlie in the sombrero and the servers singing, but, alas, the card wasn't in the camera and I can't find a thingy to stick in the camera to load them to my laptop that will fit in the camera. So, no pics.
Ruthie got some presents from us, too. A movie and Legos and this beautiful doll.
Isn't she gorgeous?! Both Ruthie and the doll. My friend Christine made it especially for her. Ruthie named her Mrs. Pretty and after gazing at her for a while said, "Hmmm. She looks like she was born in China!" Clever girl.
Today we had a party with some of her friends.
We served a lunch of small tea sandwiches, olives, carrots, apples and dips. Ooooh. And raspberry soda. Mmmm.

Then we played Kiss The Frog Prince. They all kissed him. But he didn't turn into a Prince like we'd all hoped. I guess they're all too young anyway! And I've already got mine!
We also played Princess and the Pea. I told the story, my way, and the queen had a New York accent. But they each laid down on the pillows with the pea under them and they all felt it. We now know that they are ALL princesses.

We decorated cupcakes. 7 year old girls are kinda funny about having plastic spoons and lots of icing at their disposal! Can you say hyper?!
Each of the girls made a flower hair clip. I made a few extras for the birthday girl after the party. Ruthie made the white one with the blue flower and the star jewel. Isn't she talented??
She has lots of wonderful things to fill her time and lots of hair stuff to fill her head!
It was a fun 2 days of celebrations!
We love you Ruthie and are so happy you are ours!!
If you'd like to see some fantastic dolls that Christine makes, go here
Cute stuff!


Kates said...

Happy birthday Ruthie!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Ruthie-you are a living DOLL!!!!

Kim said...

What a fun party!! I'm sure the cupcake decorating was hilarious. That doll is gorgeous! Just perfect for your darling little girl. Happy happy birthday Ruthie!

Jen said...

Happy be-lated birthday Ruthie! Your doll is amazing and so are YOU!

What a fun party!

Laurie said...

Happy birthday to Ruthie!! Looks like she had a fun birthday party. But wait, your LAST baptism?!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

I cannot believe she is 7! Makes me feel old! She is adorable! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! Love Lyndsay (& sister Lynch)