Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where Are We?

We are in the Land Of Poo. Duck poo, cow poo,
Nope. That's not dirt.
It's poo.
Goat poo.
This is how I greet the morning. And the afternoon. And the evening. Etc. Etc.
Usually there are three cute little heads at the top of the couch. Attached to three cute little bodies, of course. They just sit there and watch the goats. They always turn and start telling me what the goats have been up to as they get off the couch. I need to catch them off guard to take a picture.
The goats were all named Monday night.

Hey Blackjack. Look over here!
Oreo .
And you all know
Mama Cass.
That's what I call her now. She's my Mama Cass.
All together they are my Gorgeous Girls.
Just call me Farmer Jennie.
And welcome to the land of poo.
P.S. Do you know what movie that's from? The Land of Poo?
Now I just need to invest in a Poo Broom to clean it up.


Laurie said...

Very good names! Land of Poo doesn't sound familiar, what movie is it from?

Kates said...

Oh, what fun! So, is no one getting fat except Mamma Cass?

Kim said...

Yeah! They have names!! At least the poo is little and looks easy to clean (at least from the pics). I'd love to see your little kids looking at the kids in the back yard.