Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Oh Wednesday.
Here it is...
wake up
family prayer and scripture study
lots of laundry
field phone calls
make a list of stuff needed from the store
double sided tape and sewing machine oil
run to the store
get everything boxed for den meeting
fill the car with boxes for den meeting
get piano lesson stuff together
get kids from school
piano lessons
grab church keys from primary president
run to the church for cub scouts
field only 11 8 year old boys while doing a craft
other leader brings many cans and the cans outnumber
the sands of the sea
boys make "gifts" with the cans
8 year old boys are clever
clean church with 11 8 year old boys
I wish someone would fight over the vacuum with me at my house
leave church following 4 boys on scooters and bikes
deliver can gifts to those boys
run the church keys back to the primary president
run Sam to the store for a promised treat
make spaghetti for dinner
Ruthie's friend comes over to spend an hour
while mom is at a meeting
ready for bed
waiting the appointed bed time hour
Wednesday is my busiest day of the week
oh yeah, except for all the other days...
Happy Wednesday bedtime!
I'm gonna go sit down now.


Kim said...

WOW! You're not kidding!! You ARE busy on Wednesdays! I hope you got to put your feet up for a while before you went to bed tonight.

Christine Dallimore said...

Wow- That IS a busy day!! It made me tired just reading about it! I HOPE you have received your doll by now. I'm sorry it didn't get sent when I said it did. My hubby was supposed to take it Thursday...he didn't. On Friday, Kathy was on lunch when I went to the post office. Post offices in small towns sometimes= frustration! Even though my address says Idaho Falls, I'm really on the outskirts of Iona. Anyhow, I drove into town on Monday & the mailman assured me it would be there before tomorrow. Crossing fingers! Until then, Happy Birthday Ruthie and go prop your feet up girl!!! You deserve it!!!