Sunday, November 14, 2010

National Adoption Month 2010.

It's November. National Adoption Month. And I haven't written a thing about it. I have gone back and read what I wrote last November. Holy Super Writing Batman! Since I don't feel particularly sassy and stuff at the moment, I thought I'd share something that has been on my mind the past few days.

As we come to almost 5 years since beginning the process, I have been feeling an urgency to write down all the things I've learned. My list is several pages long and I just barely started. So I thought I might just take a moment a few times this month and share just a peak of what I've learned with you.
I have developed a great testimony of the Law of the Fast. Fasting in our church is done on a monthly basis, on the first Sunday of the month. We Fast other times as well. But let me go back just a bit.
When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, the first thing my sister Katie said to me when I got home from the hospital was, "You are so lucky! You never have to Fast again!" And so I stuck with it. I never have to Fast. And for 27 years I have been proud and unabashed and downright obnoxious about Fasting. Neener neener neener! I don't have to Faaaast! But YOU do! Neener neener neener! Yep. Totally obnoxious.
A bit over a year ago, Daniel and I were in the temple. I go to the temple often with adoption on my mind and in my heart. This particular visit was no different. I needed direction from the Lord on what to do next. It came very clearly. We needed to invite our families to join us in a family Fast. But it didn't stop there. We needed to do it quickly! Urgently! The following Sunday. And not just Fast for us, but for our birth mom. And some specifics were laid out in that regard. Wow. I was a little stunned sitting there in the temple and being directed to have a family Fast. Didn't He know I sneered at the thought usually? Of course He did. But here's where He is (always) so much smarter than I.
I told Daniel when we met in the Celestial room. He agreed. So we contacted our families and invited them with the specific instructions I was given. You wouldn't believe the responses we got in return. Although you may. Because you aren't a sneerer like me! My favorite and the one that brought a flash of tears to my eyes was my brother in law Clark. "We join with you gladly!" Oh my heart.
We Fasted. We really Fasted. And prayed. And prayed some more. We Fasted for us. We prayed and Fasted for our birth mom and all that she would be facing. It was powerful. Truly a powerful day. I could feel the strength of family. I could feel the strength of the Fast. I was humbled and I was being taught.
My heart was softened and the Lord taught me a powerful lesson that week. The Law of the Fast is essential to me. Even if I can't skip a meal. I can fully participate in the Fast and I can reap the blessings associated with fasting. One thing I have learned during this process is that I now have a deep, strong and steadfast testimony of Fasting and its power in my life.


Kristi said...

thank you, thank you for your story and for admitting to being a "sneerer".

. . . soon I hope

Single Women Adopting Children said...

I think of you and your family often and know you all will decide what is best for you in terms of continuing to adopt, etc.

Although I would love to have a gaggle of kids (ok at least two)- Mila may be an only child. Only time will tell. You and I are both just so fortunate to have experienced adoption and - to be mothers! Let's celebrate that!

Kim said...

This story brought tears to my eyes. My heart yearns for your family to be complete.