Thursday, November 4, 2010


Where does Thursday take me
wake up
Family prayer and scripture study and
a really nice discussion about being called children of Christ
I love my family
clean the house up a bit
shower and dress
make doctor appointments for me
yay me
watch last night's episode of Survivor
the reality show I watch to escape reality!
eat some quick lunch
head to Daniel's parents house
help clean and organize
grab more fabric for quilts
grab a quick chicken sandwich from Wendy's on my way out
get kids from school
deliver homework to boys who missed den meeting
look through mountains of Legos to find all the Lego men
and their various body parts
get Ruthie from friend's house
get cupcakes from store for Ruthie's class tomorrow
wonder where the last many years have gone that leave me with
a seven year old tomorrow
eat a fast dinner of leftovers and frozen pizza
cook the frozen pizza
grab Ruthie and head to aunt Shelba's for haircuts
get a fantastic new look!
get home
kids to bed
eat a sandwich of pb and honey on the last heel of bread
look over my list of party plans for Saturday
look at the grocery list for tomorrow
and now I'm ready for bed
and I didn't even do the dishes.
Happy end of Thursday!


Jennifer B. said...

Happy Birthday Ruthann! It's hard to believe our girls are growing up so fast

Kim said...

Wowie Zonkers!!! You are one busy lady. Love these posts!