Monday, November 1, 2010


How do I love thee
Let me count the ways
a new week
clean up the weekend mess
which included camping with grandma and grandpa
morning family prayer and scripture study
kids off to school
doctor appointment
flu shot
vacuum and clean durango
prepare for wolf den meeting on Wednesday
rejoice that said den meeting will be at the church
so my house won't be a shambles
15 8 year old boys!
think of dinner that will include opening lots of canned food
so I can clean and dry the cans for our den craft
prepare family home evening
get a large diet pepper
cringe at my sore arm
darn flu shot
look at the calendar so I know what the week will be
think about my kids
wonder how much homework we'll be doing today
celebrate the end of October
start planning Ruthie's birthday party
rethink the clean the house idea
think about how I want to cut my hair
call Shelba and make the appointment
call and report visiting teaching for October
Wow! I'm so good
And that's my Monday-ness. At least for today.
And just for a kick. (In the pants!) I went on Ruthie's field trip several weeks ago and the guy who was telling stories to the kids put a pink dress on a tough boy. Turned out he would be playing the big bad wolf dressed as granny. But he started talking about pink and how there is a stigma for boys and pink. Then he said, and I quote, "I remember having a pink tie that I wore all the time in the 80's. And I was cool!" What do I do?? I laughed out loud. Out loud. Then I realized I was the only one laughing. Because I was the oldest mom there. I lived and breathed and graduated high school in the 80's and guys in pink ties and pink polos with the collar flipped up were cool. My prom date wore a pink tie. So I laughed out loud. But I quickly stopped when the other moms were looking at me.
Like I was crazy.
Or close to 40.
Happy Monday.


Kristi said...

recently I caught myself googling "80's costume" ideas, then I had to stop myself, duh, is my memory that bad?!

Kim said...

I would have laughed out loud too!!! I totally remember that being cool. Those young moms don't know what they missed out on.