Friday, August 13, 2010

Bragging or Complaining?

So many idiots and they're all driving. We got that on a license plate frame for my dad one year as a gift. He loved it. It's so something he would say. We scored!

Every once in a while my dad will say something and it sticks. At one point in his career he came home and shared some stupid stuff someone was saying. He then said something that has come to my mind on various occasions. “Are you Bragging or Complaining?”

Think about it. When you complain about something so long, so often, in all circles of life, the inevitable question is...Are you Bragging or Complaining?

It'll stop 'em in their tracks. It will make them think. Hmmm. Maybe I have been talking about it for too long. But. Most likely they won't notice. Except to think you're really rude. And that you're the problem.

I'll admit that I have talked about things for so long that I actually think it to myself! Can you believe it?! I mean, it must be really bad if I have to ask myself if I'm bragging or complaining. Sheesh. But it has happened.

My point is this. No, not the one on my head. The one in my head. Knock it off. If there is a problem, solve it. If you don't like something, change it. If you really think it's cool that you are going through something so horrible that everyone and their dog needs to know about it, get counseling.

I'm not talking to anyone in particular. Just talking. Maybe I'm complaining. Maybe I'm bragging. You may never know. I may never know. The freezer just stopped working again. I won't brag and I won't complain. I'll just say. Then I'll work to fix it. Or call Lance to come fix it.


Kates said...

I love it! One of my favorite "dad" sayings!

Christine Dallimore said...

I was blog hopping and found your blog...SO happy I did!!! I'm adding your link to my blog if that's o.k.- If not let me know! :O) You have such a sweet family and I hope you won't have to wait too much longer to expand upon your family circle. I would be happy to add your pass along cards to my doll shipments. Just send me an email at and we can chat!!! Until then, I can't wait to read more and follow your story. I am loving the bragging or complaining post! I have never heard that phase before, but I'm really going to start following it! Lol!!!

Laurie M. said...

We use this one a lot at our house!

Anonymous said...