Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Day In The Life:Tuesday.

Another day. But first, to finish off last night. You all remember what happened to me back in June, right? Rear ended! And still...we wait for the insurance to get it fixed. But we checked the rear lights right after to make sure they worked. They did. So we didn't think much more about it. So last night we left Katie and Sean's around 9 pm. At 10 pm we were so close to home. Then the lights! Oh the lights. Flashing. Bright. Getting every one's attention. I get pulled over by a really nice officer who tells me that all my back lights are OUT! Dark. Black. Nothin. I did have brake lights and turn signals, though. He followed me to make sure. So then I can't find my registration or the insurance card. Well, I find registration and insurance cards from 2002. But not the current ones. So the nice officer takes my license and tells me to wave out the window (please don't get out of your vehicle, ma'am) when I find them. Finally. Find them. Wave my hand. He comes and gets them. Then he gives me a fix it ticket. He said we could probably just call and say I had been rear ended and the outed lights were a result. But I can't do it till Monday. So I called Daniel and told him we need to just go get a new car on Friday when he gets home. Ha! We'll have to drive his car at night for a while. Or at least till the dumb insurance gets some moolah to us!

Aahh.. So here we are on Tuesday.
First item of business was to email Isaac's pictures of his creation to dad. Done.
It picks up little balls with the motor attached.
Then Ruthie took tons of pics of herself to send to dad. Here's one of 'em, dad!
We got a couple of DVDs from this place.
Went to Wolf Den meeting. 8 year old boys crack me up. One boy wanted bacon for snack.
We also got some treats while picking up our DVDs.
The children are now asleep and the house is quiet and I'm gonna hit the sack. We were up way too late last night. Then Sam and I were up to watch a PBS special about sealife and then watched the BYU dancers do their thang. From 2-4 AM. AM! I'm wiped!
Good night!


Christine Dallimore said...

Ha- Can you tell today is my laundry day and I am procrastinating big time by taking my time on this computer?!? Time well spent I say!! Anyhow, I just sent you an email and decided to hop on over to see what you are up to---and to grab your pass along card picture again! I'll post it on my doll site! Anyway, I'm glad you are having a fun time during your last week of Summer. Oh and those red box rentals....yeah, I am a total addict myself! :O) I hope your last week of summer continues to be fun!!!

Crissy said...

Oh Man! I hope you get those lights fixed or a new vehicle soon!
Great photos! Good thing it wasn't a school night for you guys. Have a fun time for your last week of summer :)