Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Joy.

The other day we were kneeling for morning prayer. Isaac was saying the prayer. He asked Heavenly Father, among many other things, to bless his mom at home to have a good day and to have Joy. I choked up. You know how I am about Joy. Find it every day. It's my word for 2010. Actually it's my theme for the rest of my life. Joy.

Last night Daniel and I were at the temple. I love being in the temple. So peaceful. The plan was to do the endowment for names my aunt brought back from the Azores Islands. Off the coast of Portugal. I'm mostly Portuguese. Cool. Anyhoo, I forgot the name slips. And we would not have gotten into a session if we'd gone home for them. So we went. As I listened I realized that the word Joy is said a whole lot. The whole purpose of His Plan is that we have Joy. That and return to Him.

I thoroughly enjoyed being there and having the Joy of being in the temple, the Joy of having a wonderful hubby, the Joy of having the three most bestest kids in the world.

Oh my heart.


Jen said...

Awwwww! This warms my heart! How awesome are your kids? And what a tender heart. It's so wonderful that your kids care so much about their mom! It's a sure sign that he has wonderful parents and that they are doing EVERYTHING right.

Kim said...

That is so sweet that he prayed that for you! The word joy just brings joy to my heart. Good job momma!!!