Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Count Down.

It's Wednesday.
You know what that means??
It means 3 more weeks until school starts.
I can hardly believe our summer is about to end.
I was trying my best to ignore the fact that summer is running out.
But it's inevitable.
They will be back in school in 3 weeks.
For the second summer in a row I don't like it.
I know I will love it when it's done.
But right now I dread it.
My kids are hilarious and quirky.
They keep me entertained.
Thoroughly entertained.
I'm gonna be bored in 3 weeks.
In 4 weeks I'll wonder why I dreaded it so.
Oh yeah,


Crissy said...

Have fun!! We are two weeks out. It just doesn't seem possible, does it? Summer just goes way too fast now.

Jennifer B. said...

We start on Monday! I can't believe it but I'm also excited to get back into a routine.

Jen said...

You will be seeing me do "the happy dance" as I send Cody on the bus to the big junior high!

Kim said...

Since Jacob is in preschool we still have about a month - but I'm already dreading it too!! I have another year before he starts Kindergarten but I am already trying to talk Shane out of enrolling him (it's optional, right?!?) But he'll have fun and I'll be happy for him (and me)eventually.

I hope you have a wonderful last 3 weeks with your kiddos!!!