Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh No He Di'in't!

A quick reminder. This is city Jennie speaking here.
This boy has loved having Cooper and Cassidy (the goats) at our house.
He has drawn plans for a goat house for Cassidy.
He goes out and sits close to the goats and talks to them and pets them and feeds them.
He loves those goats.
So I told Daniel that Cooper got out of the chain.
He just wanted to get to some other grass.
Cassidy was bleating like she lost her best friend.
Which she did. He just left her there.
All tied up with a chain.
So Daniel says, "Let's just give Cassidy back when we give Cooper back."
Say What?!
You mean you don't want a goat in the back yard?
What kind of talk is that?!
So when he got home I told him that his son's heart would break.
Seriously. Break.
He takes such good care of those goats.
He has trained Cass to trust him.
Well, as much a a dumb goat can trust a kid.
And she'll keep the weeds down.
So I talked Daniel into keeping the goat.
We may have to invest in a second goat to keep her from gettin' lonely.
But Isaac will be able to build a nice spacious town home for them.
He would be perfectly happy to.

All this crazy talk from City Jennie.


Kim said...

HA! Great job saving the goat! That's hilarious that he's drawn up plans for a house.

Crissy said...

How cute that he drew up plans for a house!! :)

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Love it! Too cute!