Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do You Smell That?

It smells like school.
And I have been dreading it.
I will be alone all day.
Boo hoo.
But last night my sweet kids and I went to Back To School night.
I started by seeing my good friend Holly as she was leaving.
Then I saw the class lists!
I was giddy!
I was thrilled!
We have 3 spectacular teachers!
Ruthie has Isaac's first grade teacher who jumped up and shouted YAY when we walked in.
Sam has Isaac's third grade teacher.
She gave me a hug and said she was so happy when she saw our last name on her list again.
Then we met Isaac's fifth grade teacher.
His are always the ones I'm slightly nervous about.
I don't know the teachers.
He's my first.
But she had a huge smile on her face and asked me all about Isaac and is excited to have him this year.
And she's quite shorter than I am.
My Isaac has a giant spirit, but his height hasn't quite matched it yet.
She kinda reminds me of his Primary teacher.
Then we came home and Dad gave everyone a Father's Blessing.
I cried.
I hugged them each.
Then he gave me a blessing.
I love that!
I am excited for my kids and their upcoming school year.
I am excited for what the Lord has in store for me this school year.
Tomorrow we begin!
Tomorrow begins a glorious year!
I may start off with a nap.

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Kim said...

Wonderful!! I'm already anxious about what kind of teacher Jacob will get and he has to wait another year before Kindergarten! I hope they have a great first day!!