Thursday, August 26, 2010

Van Update.

The first thing Ruthie said to me this morning was, "School!" Love it!

So here's the situation with the van. I got pulled over for no back lights a couple weeks ago. I have to have proof of fixing it, sale or donation by September 13. We are looking at vehicles...

Daniel stopped to look at one after work yesterday. Needed a new windshield and back bumper. Backwards on the loan and needed way more than it was worth. No go.

So I called him with a wonderful vehicle just listed that morning. He called me back and said it was sold almost immediately. It was a beauty, too! Darn!

Then I called with another to stop to look at. Nice, but smelled of cigarettes and deodorizer. Another vehicle he saw in the lot that would be great was already sold. So I just sent him about 5 or 6 to look at today. We decided to go a little smaller than a 'burb and then go to that in a few years if needed.

As for the van, it's totaled. The electrical is shot. We would have to actually fix everything to re register next month. So we are gonna have the insurance total it and take it. We asked Daniel's dad if we could borrow his truck next week if we don't have a car yet.

So that's about it now. Anytime we gotta drive in the dark, we take Daniel's car. Which was fun coming home from Idaho in last Friday night. I tell ya! We will have to go on our date to the temple this Friday night in it, too. Fun.

Gotta go get ready to meet Kim for lunch! See ya...


Kates said...

So no Burb? Tahoe? Mini van?

Kim said...

First off, I'm jealous of your other friend Kim and your lunch together.

Secondly, I hope that you will find your dream vehicle soon!! I had a Toyota Highlander for almost a year and I am still in love with it (we decided to sell it so that we wouldn't have any car payments, so now I drive the paid-for truck that used to sit idle in the garage unless we were towing or building something).