Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Day.

They all just sat at the counter for breakfast. The boys wanted mac and cheese. Who am I to argue? While they sat there I thought, "Oh my! They are so grown up. I'm really gonna miss them!" Then we got started for school.
They got their backpacks on and stood in front of the crumpled back end. Aren't they cute?!
And I'm not washing my car for anything! I don't care that it's filthy. Inside and out. It will be gone soon enough. I need to use all my gas.
I dropped the boys each off at their grade kivas and then waited for Ruthie to go into her classroom. My baby is in first grade!
Then I got home.
I ate breakfast.
I cleaned up a little bit.
Yesterday we cleaned the house, so it wasn't much.
I checked email and such.
I decided to put some jars to work.
We use sticks with each of our names on them for prayers.
When your name is picked you pray.
Then you get to pick the stick the next time we pray.
The sticks have been in plastic cups for a while.
The cups aren't very sturdy.
So I hot glued some signs on the jars.
One for prayers.
One for Saturday jobs.
And one for summer boredom busters.
Which we used already.
Then I thought, "What the heck? Let's make a jar specifically for the sticks to go into as we use them?
And why not label the jar I have all my pens, pencils and scissors and such in?
And the mess at the bottom of the pen jar, you ask?
It's purple ink that leaked from a broken purple pen.
I didn't know it was broken and put the pen in my church bag Sunday.
When the kids pulled out a pencil, all the leads were covered with purple ink.
I still haven't looked into my new zebra print awesome church bag to check the damage.
The fabric inside is black.
I'm assuming it will blend.
Then I took a shower.
I ate lunch.
I made first day of school after school snack cookies.
I missed my kids.
I went to pick them up.
They had a tremendous day!
So we went to get Icees to go with our cookies.
The End.
At least for the first day back to school!


Crissy said...

How fun! I love the excitement of the first day back! What a cute idea with the jars. I need to remember that one.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

The kids look so grown up! I can't believe it! I like the summer boredom sticks...we need to implement that over here vs. Mila hanging on me:)

Laurie said...

yay! happy first day of school! So glad they had a fun day. I spy the Diet Dr pepper you are having for breakfast :) When are you replacing the crumpled van?

Jennifer B. said...

I can't believe Ruthie looks almost as tall as the boys!

Kim said...

Aaahh!! happy first day of school! Good for you for being so productive while they were gone. It's hard to believe that Ruthie is already in first grade!!