Monday, July 30, 2012

Buck To Wether.

This morning we took Felix the buck to our 4-H vet Kathy at her clinic to have him made a wether.  When people in the waiting room saw him they oohed and awed at the cute goat!!

8 hours later and we went to pick him up.  Kathy took care of the buck part AND shaved his one pointy horn down to the same length as the other.  Problem: ran into head.  So he got cauterized and he's now bandaged up top for 14 days.  I didn't take a picture of the nethers on purpose.  You're welcome. 
Fun Fact: Goat horns make up 1/3 of their head.  You can't just lop off a horn like you can a bovine. You run into nerves and blood vessels and brain.  Just kidding about the brain.

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