Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yellowstone. Part Dos.

And here is some of the wonderful scenery.  This crane was just begging for a picture.  He's the only crane we saw, too.  We did see lots of Canadian Geese, but I didn't take any pictures of them.
Our first day in, Tuesday, we went south into the park.  It was mostly flat and bland.  Mostly because of the hot spots. You can see a small geyser/hot pool ahead.
See?  Flat and blah.
Everything was hot because of the hot water.  The colors in the pools were gorgeous because of the hot water. It was so blue and clear and clean looking. 
The dry spots were just dry.  And hot.
There are downed trees everywhere.  When they fall, they stay.  New trees grew around them.  The tall burned out trees from fires years ago gave lots of new smaller trees their start.
Another geyser.  You can see the little spit up of water in the middle there.
And with all these geysers and cool hot pools to see, the kids kept asking when we were going back to camp to swim.  Sheesh!
Lots of geysers.
We eventually made it back out to the camp site to swim.  But first... on to Old Faithful!

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