Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can Ya Hear The Empty Spaces?

Where was I?  Oh right.  China.  I'm back.  And boy do I have some catching up to do.  So let's just gaze at my cute kiddos and I'll catch you all up. 

Ruthie got a hair cut.  So dang cute.  She went to Day Camp for Activity Days and had a blast.  I got to go with her.  It was my second time to camp Kiesel this summer.  Whew.  Glad we're done with that.  Ruthie and I had to go Sunday clothes shopping last week.  She's just plumb out of dresses.  So we chose some awesomely cute stuff, including the white tee and blue thingy she's wearing here.  She was all set on Saturday night with what new stuff to wear and then the puking began.  Dangit.  She stayed home from church and then they all stayed home from our new cousin's baby blessing.  I went alone and had lonely fun.  She's better now, except for the runny nose and cough it left behind. 
I want you to check out Sam's hair.  Wait.  He had gotten smashed in the head with a couple water balloons so you can't see it.  He got some gel and spiked up the front and made his long summer hair a stylish hit.  Sammy is a minecraft fiend.  He has also been losing weight, which is cause for great concern.  We go to Primary Children's at the end of August for some testing to see if there is something going on on the way to his tummy wummy.  Sam used some of his money to buy some more monster movies from Amazon.  He loves Godzilla and friends and has built quite the collection of DVDs.  He went to Webelos camp to Camp Fife a couple weeks ago and the next thing I know he's got 5 badges.  I didn't have to do a thing.  Love it. 
Isaac got his braces off.  And 5 months early even.  He just won't give me his winning smile.  Must be something about being 12 and having done all the pictures at the orthodontist office.  But his teeth are looking awesome.  He begins junior high in about 7 weeks.  We don't talk about it.  Maybe it will go away.  Next week he goes to Scout Camp.  It's a wilderness camp this year and so mom is a little verklempt at the thought of her baby out in the wilderness so dad is going with him.  Thanks dad.  He passes the Sacrament each week and does fast packs each month.  He is very precise with getting to church early enough to set up chairs.  Although I think it's really to mark his passing spot with his scriptures because he likes to pass to certain places.  When we went in for his Scout camp physical we were told, according to his growth chart, that he will be tall .  And that once he starts growing he won't stop.  We hope that's the case.  And that it comes soon.  He's such good locker stuffing size.
Hey, it's me. I got my hair cut shorter too.  I also have awesome eyebrows.  But that's not the point.  I had my very first bonified hot flash on Sunday night.  Yep.  A real one.  I am most likely the only woman in the world who cannot wait for menopause.  Bring it! Although my dress was soaked through and my hair was wet when the flash was done.  Oh dear.  I stopped drinking soda.  Here's what happened..  One morning I drank a diet pepper first thing.  Then I stopped at Maverick and got a laaaarge diet coke/pepper mix.  By lunch that was gone so I ran through the McDonalds drive thru and got a large diet coke.  Then I had 2 more cans of diet pepper after that.  I can just imagine your faces right now.  I've told this story to enough people and have seen the shock and surprise.  I decided that enough is enough.  And that day I had more than enough.  So I stopped.  Cold.  I had a migraine for a week.  No carbonation.  No caffeine.  Saturday will be 4 weeks.  Sunday will be 30 days.  I also got a new phone.  It's a touch screen.  I love it.  Enough about me.
Tomorrow Daniel will be 42.  Whoo Hoo.  He is better than ever, too.  Wait.  He did throw out his back last week.  And now he has a cold.  But other than that, he's grade A all the way.  We've been cleaning out the basement so we can finish it by December.  He has also been working on the garden.  We will have tons of pumpkins this year.  He still commutes like the pros to and from work.  He's been close to the last 2 Utah fires to get great shots on his phone.  Scary. Happy Birthday tomorrow sweetie pie!
The kids and I are working with the goats to get ready for the goat show at the county fair in August. We have also put together our evacuation plan.  All these fires are scary.  Plus we are relatively close to rail tracks.  We've got more fun summer stuff planned.  Maybe I'll get on here more often and let you know what we do!  And the title of this little update is from Holes.  We've been watching Holes.  ...the digging of individual h-oles.

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