Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yellowstone. Post Uno.

I am just finishing up with the 8th load of laundry.  And we had fun getting it dirty.  Monday morning we left for Yellowstone.  We stayed in the KOA in West Yellowstone and Tuesday began the fun stuff.  We went right into the park and turned off onto a side road and stopped at this riverside.
Isaac found a tree...
We put our Leave No Trace training to work and got some trash out of the river and then played.
There were rocks to climb, although he did get busted for climbing on the rock.  "But mom... I just had to climb it!"
Hey look.  It's me and him!  There's a waterfall behind us.
And a bacteria mat.  Do you ever feel like you are creating a bacteria mat in your shower?  No?  I guess it's just me then.   The rock turns yellow because of the sulfur.  Thus... Yellowstone.
My blogger thang can't handle too many pictures at a time.  So I'll be doing increments.  Remember, if you get bored, stop reading.  I'll do other stuff soon!

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