Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Lovely Car.

My Durango.  Oh how I love my Durango.  See it all nice and resting peacefully in the garage?  Sunday, after making a deal about needing to leave a planning meeting early, I get out to my lovely Durango and it's dead.  Totally and completely dead.  So I called Daniel who came to the rescue, as usual.  My knight in a Sunday suit.  The battery was dead but also corroded so he did what he could in the church parking lot and after about 30 minutes, got it started.  I drove home and once I was in the drive way it died.  Again.  So early Monday morning Daniel ran out and got a new battery.  It works like a charm now.  Not that I got to drive it today.
Hey!  It's Boy Scout Isaac.  It's about 6:30 this morning.  He and Daniel took my lovely Durango to Scout Camp.  In the Uintahs. 
They hiked in a couple miles.  Anything they'd need up there they had to pack in themselves.  Except the food.  Isaac looks so excited!  I hope he is still excited. Way up there in the Uintahs. 
This is what I'm driving now.  Do you know that's it's like 1000 degrees outside??  Oops.  One too many zeros.  It's hot!  Dang hot!  Daniel's car had a bad radiator so he ordered a new one and put it in.  Then it began leaking like a sieve.  Gushing!  Can't hold its water.  So he decided on Monday he needed a new car.  Then he called the radiator company and they're sending a new one.  That works. 
Until it comes and Daniel comes home, I keep putting bottles of water into the radiator.  So far I've been able to drive with the A/C on.  Yay!  'Cause when it overheats I have to turn on the heater.  Yuck.  They are gone until Saturday.  Hopefully we make it through the blasted heat!
At least my eyebrows look good.

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