Monday, July 9, 2012

Make A Meal.

Daniel and I saw this #10 can of hash browns and bought it.  I can't remember where we were.  We think maybe Smith & Edwards, but I can't be sure.  And I don't remember what it cost.  So in that way I am so not helpful.  But these are good. So here ya go. 

You soak the dried potato shreds in water for about 30 minutes.  They get potato-y.  You know, like when you shred real live potatoes and drain them there is a film left over?  That's what you get here too.
Drain the potatoes and...
Melt some butter in a pan.  Put the potatoes down and let them cook. Turn them once in a while.
My husband usually cooks them so I was so unprepared for how they would stick to the pan.  When Daniel came in and scraped the pan to help me, he scraped all the burned potatoes off the bottom.  Yuck.  So scrape the pan early on.  Before they burn.  Trust me.
Get 'em good and crispy.  They're awesome that way.  Serve with breakfast eats and ketchup. 
This is a wonderful good storage addition.  Once hydrated they are real potatoes!  (Imagine that) Just beware: the can will go fast.

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