Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some Organizing.

In the process of cleaning up and out the basement, I had to get through all of the kids' school boxes.  Each school year I get a carry tote for each kid and throughout the year we put in art projects, papers, report cards, notes from teachers and other such stuff.  Over the years little hands have gotten into the boxes to find fun stuff from school.  A royal mess ensued.  So I brought all the boxes up and went through each one and snapped and then duct taped the lids on.  They are now back in the basement waiting to be transported to a storage unit while we finish the basement.
I cleaned out a lot of papers and stuff that just didn't need to be kept.  These are 3 of the 5 garbage bags that I took out.  This is just preschool through 6th for Isaac and preschool through 4th and then 2nd for Sam and Ruth.  I may have to rethink my system for the future of basement space availability.
And these two got to work on a mural while some basement cleaning went on.  Fun Fun.

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