Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellowstone. Part Seis.

On Thursday we began our day eating breakfast at the Running Bear Pancake House.  Then we stayed in West Yellowstone to go to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center.  You have to be very quiet when you go in.  Here is my brood looking at the bears.
They had little kids go in and hide bear treats while the bears were out.  When the kids got out and the bears went back in, the bears went to work finding all the hidden treats.  Can you see the giant man eating ravens?  Huge I tell you!
Looking for treats.
Then we went to see the wolves.  Here is a mass of bones from a previous meal.
And two wolves.
Ruthie standing on the Wolf Den.
This is also a sanctuary for birds who can't be released back into the wild.  There were 2 Golden Eagles, a Great Horned Owl, a Hawk and this is Iris, the Bald Eagle. 
Inside the museum we found this polar bear.  No Sam, he's not coming for ya.
Then we went to a bakery there in town and ordered yummy sandwiches for lunch.  We'd been packing our own lunch in everyday and it had gotten old.  We went back into Yellowstone and saw more cool stuff before heading out and waving goodbye.  We had dinner at the campground that night.  They do a BBQ each night.  We had burgers and grilled cheese and Daniel had a buffalo burger. Much to our great dismay and dissatisfaction, yet with great understanding, the pool was closed for 24 hours because a toddler had a big accident in the water.  Gross.  So we bought some yummy fudge from the store and I got a cool Yellowstone tote bag. Then we went back to the tent and played games and told ghost stories by a campfire. One more post should finish us up!

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