Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellowstone. Part Siete.

I am just not sure where the Spanish parts came in.  Just happened.  So this is the seventh and final installment of our Yellowstone vacay.  Yay. Here is a picture in front of the Yellowstone sign.  We didn't actually take it until we were leaving the park on Thursday night. 
On our travels and stops we looked at license plates.  There were only 6 state license plates we didn't see: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Vermont, West Virginia and Rhode Island. And Canada was representing.  We saw Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  But no Nova Scotia. It was a fun and exciting game.  And seriously..  Hawaii?!  What's the deal?  Can't just drive over and tour Yellowstone?!
This is the last line of stopped traffic we sat in while in Yellowstone.  1 hour is just too long to sit with no bison or bears to look at. At least we had movies and the DVD player.  And snacks.
Lot's of road work.
And here's our mode of transport for the trip. We had finally gotten the parts to put the container on the Durango rather than the van.  Otherwise we wouldn't have had enough room for the kids to come. 
As we drove through Malad Idaho, Daniel yelled out, while I was asleep, "Hey, there's Abbie and Poppy!"  And there they were.  On their way home from Mount Rushmore.  We drove by them and talked on the phone for a bit.  What a fun way to end our trip.  Then when we got home and looked through the mail, there was a post card from Mount Rushmore that Abbie and Poppy sent to the kids.
We've already begun looking at the campgrounds near Mount Rushmore for our trip next year.  Thanks for a great vacation Yellowstone!

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Laurie said...

what a fun trip! yellowstone certainly does not dissapoint! so funny that you saw mom and dad- what are the odds??