Monday, July 9, 2012

Kids In Training.

The Weber County Fair is closely approaching so my kids have been training Mama Cass' kids for the show.  Sam picked Iris to show and Ruthie picked Felix.  Isaac had picked Biscuit, but Biscuit is being most difficult.  She just rolls around on the ground and won't be a good yearling.  She's a year older than the other 2.  She should know better. 
To get the goats to obey your walking orders, you hold the choke chain and their tail.  When they walk, you loosen the chain and let go of the tail.  Sometimes the walking happens then changes to stopping so fast that they don't have time to let go of the tail.
It's quite the spectacle.  But it's an open show, not an official 4-H show.  So there will be all kinds of kids being shown with all kinds of kids showing.  The weeds in the cracks are just too tempting for Felix.

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Jennie said...

I think it is good we are teaching the goats. From Ruthann!