Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellowstone. Part Cuatro.

Bison. Not buffalo.  As we entered the park on Wednesday morning we ran into a long line of stopped cars.  We thought, at first, that there must be animals on the way and people were slowing to see and take pictures.  After sitting for AN HOUR! we started to move and got to this big guy.  He was just strolling along on the side of the road and a ranger in a truck was staying along side him.  Just in case all the out of towners didn't know to NOT hit the bison. 
When we got out of the line, we, and everyone and their dog, stopped at the nearest potty.  There was a line from Yellowstone to Cancun.  One lady kept going on and on about the "One stupid bison on the road" "All that for one stupid bison" "Everyone now has to use the bathroom just because of the one stupid bison" "An hour sitting there and all I got was a picture of his rear end" "One stupid bison".  We were glad to leave the bathrooms!  This is another loner bison bull.  At least he stayed and sat in one place.  Away from the side of the road. Thanks lonely bison bull.
Wednesday we went to the north of the park.  So hilly and green.  Obviously the forest part of the park.  Hey!  Canadian Geese.  I guess I did get a picture. 
On the north end, there weren't the geysers and hot pools like the south end.  Just lots of trees and rivers. We took a little side road to find a place to eat lunch and ran into this herd.  They were just standing in the road.  As I opened my door to stand out and get a picture, they started to move toward us.
The kids thought for sure they would gore our car.  They didn't want to keep the windows down.  Just in case.  But they just passed right by us.  The big bull looked at us as he passed.  He's one lucky bull to have a large harem while those other two were on their own.
Hey.  Another bull.  On his own.  Poor lonely guy. 

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