Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellowstone. Part Cinco.

Waterfalls. On Wednesday's continued adventures we went to the Grand Canyon.  It was confusing.  You mean we're going to the Grand Canyon??  How can we go to the Grand Canyon when we're in Wyoming?!  Anyhoo, we saw waterfalls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. 
It was very pretty.
Hi Ruthie. 
Hey Sam.
What'd'ya know Ike?

Me and him.  Him and me. 
In the canyon there was a spot with a chunk of ice.  It doesn't see the sun.  That's the ice behind the branch.
I made Isaac stand by me while Ruthie took a picture.
Then I made Sam wait while Ruthie took a picture.
Then I took the camera from Ruthie and she got mad.  This is her mad face.
After the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone we headed out to go get dinner.  On our way to West Yellowstone we ran into sit and wait traffic.  This time it was road construction.  I think they chose a bad week for road construction. Back in West Yellowstone we ate dinner at the Three Bears restaurant.  It was divine.  Daniel was feeling saucy and got a great big piece of cake for dessert. That's what it was called.  It was huge but we ate the whole thing. Then back to camp to swim.

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