Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yellowstone. Part Tres.

On to Old Faithful.  We got to the parking area and had to drive and drive to find a spot to park.  It is a crazy busy time in Yellowstone in July!  We got a spot and then had lunch at a picnic area.  There were ravens everywhere.  They were huge and so I told the kids to watch out cuz they would eat them.  That's why they are so big.  Sam and Ruthie believed me for a while.  By Thursday they were on to me.  After lunch we hiked around the area for about 70 minutes.  Just enough time before Old Faithful would blow again.  We sat just on the side and waited.  She finally went.
Quite spectacular. Worth walking for over an hour looking at hot pools and geysers?  Umm..
We interrupt the boring hike to bring you this spectacular Corvette.  Yellow even.  When the kids leave home and we have some money laying around, we gonna get one. 
Okay.  Back to the geyser.  This is a shot of the kids waiting.  Sorry.  It should have gone first.  But I post pictures as I feel necessary and not necessarily in the right order.
Ope.  There she goes.  Again. No not again.  Same going. 
On our way out of the park on Tuesday we met up with these guys.  Bison!  This was the first herd we saw.  Can you see the light brown calves?  They are just a few months old. 
Back to West Yellowstone for pizza and then back to camp for swimming.  And then bed.  Except the first night of camping has everyone in a tizzy.  No one got to sleep until after midnight and everyone was up super early.  Hey, at least we got the sleeping thing down by Thursday night.

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